Common Types of Fencing You Can See in Homes around New Milton

The role of fencing in determining the curb appeal of a house is something needless to explain. We all know that fences can improve the aesthetics as well as the security of a property to a great extent.

With plenty of options available in the market, sometimes it becomes tough for homeowners to choose the right kind of fencing in New Milton for their properties. The job of choosing and installing new fences for your house will become easier when you are aware of the types of products you can get in the local market. 

Four Common Domestic Fencing


  • Brick Wall Fences

Bricks are one of the most common materials that are used to build robust and durable fencing for domestic properties. These walls will provide ultimate security and privacy to your home. They are perfect for different styles of landscapes.

  • Wood Fences

This is probably the second most common type of fencing option you can select for your home. Wood planks are used to create boundaries for the exterior parts of your property. Wood fences can create useful and strong boundary walls between two separate properties. They are also great at maintaining the privacy of the inhabitants living inside the house.

  • Aluminium Fences

When you look for something more durable and sturdy for the outdoor area of your property, aluminium fences can be the right alternative. They are easy to install and ready to withstand regular wear and tear for a longer period. These fences look extremely stylish and match the modern architecture perfectly.

  • Chain Linked Fences

Though these fences are mostly seen in agricultural firms and properties that have big or small firm animals, you can consider installing them in your house as well. If you have pets and kids in your house, these fences can provide extra protection since they are almost impossible to tamper with.

Why is Domestic Fencing Important?

Fencing keeps your property free from risks like burglary, trespassing, theft and other kinds of vandalism. Unwanted visitors cannot get an easy entry because of fencing. Besides, wood, brick, and bamboo fences are excellent for keeping your privacy intact from the outdoor world.

At Parkland Fencing, we offer all types of fencing solutions to match your requirements and budget. Our experts will ensure the flawless installation of fencing at your landscape that can add value to your property to a great extent. Please get in touch with us to get more information about our fencing services in and around New Milton.