When considering fencing enclosures for horses, you must select the right design and sturdy material. If you walk up to a professional for fencing in Lyndhurst, they suggest installing equestrian fencing to keep your horses safe within the paddocks. This type of fence aims to keep the animals safe within the field boundaries.

Generally, equestrian fences are of three types: electric fencing, mesh chain fencing, and post-and-wire fencing. If you want those elegant horses to roam freely around the property, install equestrian fences and keep them safe.

Benefits of Installing Equestrian Fences

Keeps Horses and Animals Safe

Equestrian fences are long fences that stop horses and other animals from escaping from the field into the road. On average, the metric height of the fence is around 1.38 m to 2.0 m. This prevents the horses from wandering away from the property and prevents all types of risks and injuries.

Helps in Controlled Grazing

Equestrian fences enable controlled grazing and pasture rotation options for horses. Fences around the grazing area can prevent overgrazing or trampling of the land. You can train the horses to stay inside the fenced area and control the grazing process.

Good Neighbourhood Relations

If you have horses around your residential property, it can create unhealthy relations with the neighbours. If you want to maintain a good relationship with the neighbours, put equestrian fences around the property, limiting the horses’ mobility and allowing you to communicate with them.

Ensure Privacy

Equestrian fences are sturdy, thick, and of high quality. They prevent unauthorised entry of animals, reduce risks of vandalism, and ensure complete privacy and security of the animals within the field.

Prevents Animal Injuries

Equestrian fences are designed to minimise the risk of animal injuries. Unlike other fences, they are free from sharp ends, protruding nails, cuts, and entanglements. They are made of blunt ends with sufficient space between the rails. These fences are safe from all types of foreign objects.

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