While installing a fence on your property, you might have a recurring worry about its wear and tear. It is advisable to follow a proper maintenance routine to avoid frequent damage. However, you might opt to phase it out when the fence has lived up to its time. 

Make an Informed Choice:

You primarily have two options to tackle the general wear of the metal or timber fence. You can either replace or repair it. Deciding to take the appropriate measures can sometimes be challenging. However, collaborating with an expert for fencing in Lyndhurst can help you make the right decision.

Is Replacing Your Fencing Better than Repair?

The considerations for replacing or repairing property fencing are broad. Here, you can get all the information to determine what could act best for the fences on your property.

  • Reasons for Replacement:

    Primarily, you must consider why you want to replace the fencing. You would encounter issues from poor aesthetics, rot, decay, and grave damage. The analysis can help guide you toward proper replacement and help you decide on the appropriate fencing material.

  • The Extent of Damage:

    For fences, especially those made of timber, you may find yourself at a dead end between the choice of repairing and replacement. Repairs can be cost-effective if the damage is limited to a smaller area. However, replacement can be the only option if you spot significant damage across a larger area.

  • Cost and Time:

    These are two determining factors that would make it easier for you to choose. Based on the severity of the damage, you can either opt for repairing or replacing. However, repairing would generally cost you less time and money than replacement. Replacing damaged timber or metal fencing can take any time, from two weeks to two months. This mostly depends on the type of material and the fence size.

  • Regular Replacement is Crucial:

    Fencing replacement is a routine approach that should be undertaken once every 7 to 10 years. Proper maintenance in between this time can prolong the durability. From staining to sealing, various tasks can keep your timber fences damage-free. As a homeowner, you must also focus on checking the posts and fixings for additional security.

Now that you know the vital factors regarding repair and replacement, it will be easier to decide. Whatever you choose, it is vital to communicate with a reliable source. Get in touch with Parkland Fencing, a fencing specialist in Lyndhurst. Whether you require new installation, replacement or repair, you always get our help. Call us today to learn more.